All About Food Dehydrator

Food dehydrators are often overlooked as a potential household appliance. However, they are useful things to have in the house. A food dehydrator can produce a lot more than dried jerky or fruit, although those are tasty snacks.

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A consumer can make dried spices, croutons, pasta and more. They can also dry flowers and dough creations for craft projects. The ability to preserve foods for use during off seasons helps keep the family food budget down. It also makes items available throughout the year rather than just when they are fresh and in season. Their flexibility makes them a desirable appliance, to have in any home. There are numerous features to consider when deciding on which food dehydrator will best meet the needs of each consumer.

Vertical Versus Horizontal

Food dehydrators come in two basic configurations, vertical or horizontal. Horizontal models have the heating element and fan located on the side of the unit. The heated air flows gently across the trays producing even uniform heat application. Uniform heat assures that items thoroughly dry out. Having moist spots can cause food to taste sour or grow harmful bacteria. The disadvantage is that the flavors drip down onto the trays below mixing flavors and making clean up more intense.

Vertical machines have the heating element and fan located on the inside of the machines. The heat flows up from the bottom of the machine through the trays. This flow prevents juices from dripping down onto the tray below them and mixing flavors together. This feature makes it easier to dry multiple foods at the same time. It also makes clean up a little easier and is less likely to cause things to stick to the trays.

Expandability and Size

Being able to add trays is a powerful feature of a food dehydrator. When drying large or thick items the user will remove trays to provide the appropriate room in the dehydrator.

This is helpful when drying things such as flowers, dough projects, and meats. When drying fruit slices it is helpful to add more trays to maximize the amount of food that can be dried at once. The more expandable the food dehydrator is the more useful it is to the owner.

The size of the food dehydrator will determine the degree of expandability too. The more space there is, the more trays and flexible the drying space. Being able to add and move trays makes the machine adaptable to a larger variety of items. A larger machine also allows the products to be spaced apart from each other so that all surfaces dry evenly. All these features have to be weighed against the space the consumer has to store the food dehydrator. Each consumer has to decide how often they will be using the food dehydrator and how much counter space can be dedicated to the machine.

Food Dehydrator Brands

There are many different brands of food dehydrators, but three manufacturers rise to the top. The ExcaliburLequip , Presto and Nesco have been around long enough to establish themselves as leaders in the industry. They have a variety of machines to meet the different needs of their consumers. These companies have been around long enough to understand the nuances of creating an adaptable and desirable machine. Amazon is an exceptional place to find consumer reviews and get information on the various models and brands. It is also the perfect place to purchase a food dehydrator. The company offers variety, convenience, and competitive pricing. They are leaders in the online retail world.


There are so many uses other than drying fruit. Those consumers who take the time to explore the different uses of the machine get the most from it. A food dehydrator is an excellent place to dry homemade pasta. It dries evenly and quickly without pre-cooking.

The machine can also proof breads, decreasing the time it takes to make fresh break. Dehydrators can be used to take fresh bread and make homemade bread crumbs and croutons using the consumers own spice blend for a special taste. Save money by re-crisping chips, cookies and other similar food items. Another unusual use is for composting food waste over the winter months. Turn those old coffee grounds and food leftovers into nutrient rich compost for house plants. The machines can also be used to dry and make craft type projects. Flowers can be dehydrated, or dough projects dried out. Using the food dehydrator allows the user to accomplish the drying faster and without damage to the items.

There are also many groups that share ideas on using food dehydrators. They share dehydrator recipes and ideas. In addition, they share information about individual dehydrator models. Which ones have the best amenities such as easy clean up and stick free trays. When investing in an appliance, it is worth the consumer’s time to learn how to get the most use from it.

Food Dehydrator Pricing Options

The price of the units varies considerably and is dependent on size and features. The leading companies offer warranties against manufacturer defects. A standard machine can start as low as fifty dollars and goes up from there. Each consumer has to decide what features they think are worth paying for based on the way they will use the food dehydrator. The best food dehydrator is the one that meets the needs of the consumer.

Food dehydrators have come a long way since their inception. They do more in less space than ever before. There are so many uses for a food dehydrator that they often become a permanent part of the family’s counter top appliance collection.

The Best Fishing Kayak Under $500

Fishing kayak today is not just a recreation but also an amazing sport. It’s a huge passion to many fishermen. The biggest question with most of the anglers is that “How to choose the best fishing kayak under the budget?” Many anglers said that they cannot afford to buy a $1000 or $2000 fishing kayak. So let’s see which are the best fishing kayak in 2015 and find the answer for this biggest question.DACE-PRO-ANGLER-10----10ft-Mini-Fishing-Kayak-1440056531-0

Just by one click in google, you can find out a dozen of fishing kayak brands which is very modern, fashionable with some different levels of price. From the estimate of the anglers and the producer also, there are 4 fishing kayak types rated with the absolute mark. They are Old Town Predator 13,, Hobie Mirage i9S, BIC Yakkair Fishing-2HP, Pelican Liberty 100X. Old Town Predator 13 has the length of 13 feet 2 inch, the width of 33,5 inch and costs for $1400. It’s considered as the most modern fishing kayak now. In four of them, BIC Yakkair Fishing-2HP is a double seat kayak with the length of 13 feet 5 inch and the width of 37,8 inch. Its price is $1300. Besides that, Lifetime Sports Fisher and KL Industries Sun Dolphin Journey SS are 2 best sellers in 2015. They all have the price under $700 and become the most reliable products.

If you are only able to buy a fishing kayak under $500, you absolutely can collect good ones. There are 5 best-recommended fishing kayaks under $500.

1, Ocean Kayak Scrambler 11 Kayak

Price: around $420

Length: 11 feet 6,5 inch

Width: 29,5 inch

Ocean Kayak Scrambler 11 Kayak seems quite small in comparison with some kayaks above but it still has its convenience.

2, Emotion Stealth Kayak

Price: around $450

Length: 10 feet 3 inch

Width: 30 inch

This fishing kayak pleases the anglers because of it’s secure and comfortable foot bracing.

3, Ascend FS12T Sit On Top Angler Kayak

Price: around $470

Length: 12 inch

Width: 31 inch

Ascend FS12T Sit On Top Angler Kayak has an advanced computer designed. The material of this kayak is the best quality polyethylene.

4, Malibu Kayaks Mini X

Price: around $480

Length: 9 feet 3 inch

Width: 33,5 inch

Malibu Kayaks Mini X is a shortest kayak in this list, but it’s really stable and has a huge center hatch due to the large width

5, Pelican Apex Kayak 130 DLX

Price: around $480

Length: 13 inch

Width: 30 inch

Pelican Apex Kayak 130 DLX is the longest kayak in the price under $500. The longer the kayak is, the faster the kayak moves. So if you like a speed fishing kayak, it’s the best choice.

All 5 fishing kayak under $500 above is all the sit-on-top kayak. This type of seat can help the anglers have a wide view and get out, get in easier. However, it does not suit for you if you go fishing in the extremely cold water and strong waves because the anglers will be wet all the time.


3 Tips for How to Strengthen Hair

  1. Choose right products for your hairstrengthen hair

The symptom of weak hair can be diagnosed by droopy, thin or falling out or split ends, extreme dryness or excessive oiliness. Once you realize these signs on your hair, you should visit  professtional stylists for advice. There, they will assist you with some recommendation about appropriate product usage. You need to use the best products especial for weak hair in order not to cause more damage to your frail hair.  It’s better for you to try some hair products which reforce your hair by adding protein, amino acids, and other reinforcing properties. Moreover, you should keep in mind that shampoo drying out the hair is ought not be utilized because it may weaken your hair.

  1. Be careful with heat when apply it on your hair because heat is the enemy of feeble hair

Weak hair is very vulnerable to extreme heat from blow-dryers, curling irons, flat irons and hot curlers. When you dry your hair with too-hot heat, the remained water on hair’s cuticle may expand inside, which leave space inside hair’s fiber. By that way, your hair will be weaken. These dry strands drench up dampness from the air, bringing about frizz.

So rather than trying to change your natural style by damaging your hair, stick to what you got or work with it. For example, if you’re blessed straight hair, you should use shampoo and conditioner which is designed to enhance shine to your hair. With natural curly hair, products that are made for cautious texture is your best choice, moreover, you should also create loose curls by squeezing your hair with fingers to reduce frizz.

Try to avoid using hair-style making devices such as flat iron hair, hair straightener, hair blowing dryer,… If you absolutely need to use any of these tools, remember to put on some heat protection products prior to styling order to secure your hair against thermal damage.

  1. Follow a good heathy diet to strengthen your hair

It’s the fact that what you eat everyday can result in weakening your hair. An unhealthy eating regiment, especially low-caloric food can prompt hair dropping out or can endocrine disorders.

The supplements from solid nourishment give the vitality that is good for hair development. Eating food which is rich in protein can support the health of your scalp and hair by creating strong keratin, increasing hair’s texture, encouraging growth. Food recommended here includes products related to meat, fish, cheeese that is low in fat, eggs and soy. You should also more eat fruits or vegetables between meals in order to absorb more fibrous matter for your hair.

Furthermore, vitamins is very important for hair heath. It’s the key factor contributed to healthy hair follicles. Vitamin C can work in imbibing iron from protein of vegetables or plants while vitamin B support the texture of hair. You can find such nutrients in food like salmon, egg yolk,or carrots. There’s another nourishment that’s also good for hair heahth is silica, which can be found in oats, rice, cucumbers, asparagus, and gabbage. Try your best to put these healthy food to your daily diet so that your hair can be improved naturally.

Shall I Give Him A Novelty Gift, How?

No one, ever wants to present a boring little gift to a special person. That being a boyfriend, a girlfriend or any other special relative or friend because you always want to impress and win their heart. The best way to do so is through presenting gifts. Though, you may present a gift any day any time, but giving a special gift on a special occasion brings in more emotions and feel  that  wouldn’t be there in ordinary days. And most precious of all such special moments is the Christmas day. So, need to know about some gift ideas for your boyfriend? (Let’s find in “What do i get my boyfriend for christmas 2015?”  Do you really want to take this bold step to give a novelty surprise this Christmas? If yes, then go for it. But when you have planned to choose a gift you should have noticed that, it is not as easy as it seems to be for those who are not accustomed to choosing novelty items frequently. So, here we are to help you out.

Be clear whether or not your boyfriend would like the idea. As he is not fun loving or accepts open jokes or bold phrases, then this could make things  worse..

  • First, make sure what are the gifts that would come under this category. You can either type into the search to show you up some items that are unique, not very big, have some unique experience to offer or are a little different then what they actually look like.
  • Find some categories. Novelty items come in a vast variety and offer contrasting experiences in a fun and unique way. Like an apron with a body shape on it, a cup with a fun quote that is not formal or even a mug that changes its colors or shapes on it. Now if you have got cleared up or sorted out some categories you should start searching up and sorting up items precisely.
  • Decide on the category like if you are going to give your boyfriend tech accessory, a mug, a book on a bold topic, a jewelry item, clothing item or any wall hanging.
  • Remember a novelty gift is a gift with a twist and a surprising message or experience so make sure you select the right kind of surprise that your boyfriend can really enjoy.
  • Try to merge his interests, his needs and your novelty ideas as this will result into a completely different idea or thing. Like if he is already looking to buy a set of coffee mugs ,then give coffee mugs that changes colors, shapes or picture when there is a hot drink in it or a mug that has a funny quote or saying on it.

Remember, buying such a gift is a bit tricky as you will have to be  careful about his mood swings and how you can boost the positive energy in a creative and unique way. In addition to it, it is always a great idea to choose between unique items that would bring a smile to the other person whenever he uses the gift or looks at it.

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Key Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Golf Rangefinder

If you have read several golf rangefinder reviews before this, you must have realized that all golf rangefinders perform one common task – to provide you, the golfer, with the distances to different objects while on the golf course. However, the level of accuracy and ease of use can change from one range finder to the other depending on various factors.

Key Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Golf Rangefinder

To help you decide the best golf range finder to choose, one that matches and meets your needs and produces results for you while on the golf course, below are some key factors that you ought to consider before making that all important decision. True, the economy has taken a dive and you can feel the strains it is putting on you. However, even with this fact, price alone should not be what you consider. As a matter of fact, it should not even be at the top of your list of factors to consider. The purpose and use of the rangefinder should be at the very top.

If you will be looking to use the golf rangefinder in a competition or in a tournament play, then you will need to ensure that you purchase a range finder that is allowed in competitions. The only types that are allowed in competitions are known as Tournament Legal Golf rangefinder. Under the legal golf tournament rules, these are acknowledges as they only provide measurements for distances in your line of sight only.

Other types of golf rangefinders are the Slope Editions. These are not allowed for use in tournaments and in competitions as they provide you, the golfer with advanced features including the adjusted yardages, which take into account the angle on inclination of the ground, the weather conditions and the altitude. There are some that go to an extent to even provide you with suggestions of the best club to use for that particular play.

So you should bear in mind that if you are going to buy a Slope Edition rangefinder, you can only use it in training and during practices, or when you are having friendlies with your friends. If you want to use it in a competition, the rules state that you will have to purchase a tournament edition.

Another very important factor for you to consider is the maximum distance the rangefinder can measure and its level of accuracy. The maximum, distances vary greatly and can range from 500-1,000 yards. The normal accuracy is usually +/- 1 yard. There are some models that feature the latest technology through that can be accurate to a range of 6 inches.

The accuracy and the maximum ranges are however measured under normal weather conditions with smooth, large and highly reflective targets. As such, it is best to half the figure provided to be on the safe side.

Other factors that you should put into considerations include the weight and size, the magnification ability and its ease of use. Decide which you are comfortable with, a vertical or horizontally oriented golf ranger.

Reading gold rangefinders reviews available on different sites on the internet can help you get the best rangefinder for your game.


Curves cutting with a band saw

It could be a challengecurves-cutting-band-saw with any craftsman to know how to make curves cutting with a band saw effectively and safely, but it is possible if you practice well and have a good band saw, using these below tips and guides, making curves using a band saw would be easy as eating a cake:

First thing first, you should use thin blade such as a quarter inch would be fine. A sketch of your cut lines on papers, you should print it first if you want more detail and accuracy, and some supplies for transferring. Last but not least, a fine wood board.

So, that’s all things we need. Then you have to set up your band saw. Currently, I think you don’t use a quarter inch blade to do woodwork, so now you should change the blade rightly, adjust it to the center between the wheels. If you don’t pay any mind to this step, you could be regret because the difference is pretty huge. You can make a smooth and clean cut with less effort or you can make burned with rough surface cut, I think now you know the importance of setting up the band saw. Plus, it’s much safer if you know how to adjust the blade cover box.

In a normal way, you have to spend so much time to make lines and use spoke shaves and scrapers, ego makes lots of wasted pieces of wood. Now you just print or draw a curved line on papers and move the blade of band saws to do exactly what you want. This method gives you precision cuts with better accuracy and also wasting fewer pieces of wood in the final step.

In second tips, I would love to show you how to have it done. Face the teeth of the blade down and gently push the board toward it, it may kickback and you should have a little force to handle it, after that, you can focus safely on accuracy. Adjust the blade on the lines of paper that you placed before, push the board through and rotate if you need to keep it on the line. You can cut between straight cut bit by bit to earn a curved line, this way will make the cut larger by losing small pieces and you can cut quickly than directing the blade to cut exactly following the line. It could be hard to focus on accuracy for the cut, you should do this step as slow as you need so the blade won’t go wrong when you change the direction of the wood. Working with a thin board is another advantage for you to know how to make curves cutting with a band saw before working with thicker boards. So, to practice this type of cut, you can learn how to resawing with band saws before curved cuts, you can cut a practicing board into thinner ones and use them to curved cut. So, I think those tips above would help you to make a beautiful woodwork in the future.

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Are the down pillows really hard to clean?

Several of the users have great ambiguity and confusion about the washing of the down pillows. Some are of the opinion that the down pillows shouldn’t be washed at all while some feel that it can be washed but the job is mighty difficult. They feel that a poor wash would ruin their investment and their down pillow after a poor wash can be of no use. The only truth here is that the poor wash can lead to complexities. The best solution is to make sure that you apply the proper washing process of the down pillows.

Tips for washing down pillows:

In order to wash your down pillow you will have to keep in mind that you are not dealing with a fiber pillow or a pillow made of synthetic material, rather you are dealing with a down or alternative down pillow. Such pillows are easily subjected to form and texture issues, if not handled properly.

  • You first need to check the washing label on the down pillow which will give you precise information about the product and how to wash it.
  • Inspect the seam of the down pillow thoroughly for any openings in there. Repair them, first in order to protect the filling from direct exposure to water.
  • You can then wash it in a washing machine. In order to keep the proper balance while washing, it is advised to wash 2 down pillows simultaneously in the washing machine. Make sure that the machine is large enough to hold two pillows. Never wash them if they are too congested inside as that can damage the pillow. You always have the option of washing them in a commercial laundry as they have larger machines and you need to make such trips just once in a while.
  • Allow ample amount of time for the down pillows to dry. You can put them in a dryer but make sure to give it sunlight for good few hours in order to absorb all the moisture. Then it will be all set to be used again over your bed for giving you everlasting comfort.
  • Beware only about the down pillows having silk casings. Washing such pillows in a machine could damage them permanently. However, hand wash is an idea for dealing with such pillows which also attains an acceptable level of cleanliness.
  • Another caution is to not add bleach in water while washing. This can cause damage to the pillow.
  • Make sure to set your washing machine on a medium wash cycle. Further, the dryer must also be set on medium heat settings in order to keep the integrity of the down clusters inside intact.

The task is not hard, but needs your attention and care while doing so. If you have got the right information about the cleaning process and you are well aware of the exact precautions you need to follow, only then you can clean the down pillow without losing its properties and form.

What To Do If The Water Softener Is Not Working Correctly

The water softener is a sophisticated mechanical system which can cause several problematic issues due to its wear and tear and may be because the users are not too keen to maintain it as they overlook this critical aspect of the system. The users must know that a water softener system can be repaired in case of any problem and there is no need to replace it with a new one unless the problem is too critical. The new one can cost you several hundred dollars, but the repairing on the other side can be done by spending just a few bucks. Further, the best thing is that you can troubleshoot the equipment on your own, which again will help you save even more money.

Knowing about the major parts of the equipment:

It is very important to know the major parts of the equipment which will help you in troubleshooting the entire product with ease. The following are the main parts of a water softener system:

  • Mineral exchange tank
  • Control Valve
  • Brine tank

Signs of malfunctioning of a water softener system:

The following are the signs that tell you that your system needs to be rectified:

  • You feel stickiness in your hairs after washing them
  • The soap is not able to produce enough lather.
  • Scum is left behind while using the soap.
  • You notice the building up of the scale in the kettle and all other equipment that heats up water.
  • You will notice some spots on the glasses that you wash with water coming out of the water through the water softener.

Tips for troubleshooting a water softener system:

The following are some general and crucial tips for the purpose of troubleshooting your water softener system for any possible reason:

  • If you are facing a problem with the salt or scaling then you must check your brine tank in order to determine that there is necessary amount of salt present in there. You can check it with reference to the instructions given in the manual of the product.
  • You need to check up with your brine tank again of the salt is leading to form a crust. This can be easily dealt with by washing up your brine tank of the water softener system thoroughly with the help of soap.
  • One of the most common problems that people face is the loss of power supply. This goes unnoticed at times and the user calls in a professional repair man but to only discover that the power connection of the water softener system was not plugged in. Therefore, make sure that your water softener is plugged into the power outlet.
  • There are at times when people face issues with the opening or may be the damaging of the pass/ check valve of the system. Close it if you find it open or you may be, just required to replace it with a new one in case it is damaged and not repairable.

There could be times when you have to figure out and fix issues that you are facing with your water softeners. These issues,  if minor, can be fixed easily and most of the problems can be solved with proper maintenance and cleaning practices, otherwise it can also be checked if any part of it is cracked or damaged. In case of major issues or a complete inability of softener to work properly, you should take help from professional technican or expert to get it fixed.

Help you to choose a best foam mattress for back pain

An inappropriate mattress may exacerbate your back pain or affect your sleeping positions, cause muscle strain and scoliosis… Your sleep can not be comfortable if you don’t have a suitable mattress for your interests. A best mattress not only brings you comfort but also supports user’s back, soothes your backpain, helps the spine to rest and recovery during sleep.

With the diversity of mattresses on the market at the present, to choose a right mattress for back pain patient is not simple. Below is our advises for picking mattress for back pain patient which reduces pain and brings a comfortable sleep.

  1. Choose a firm mattress or soft mattress?

There is at least 75% of orthopedic doctor tell their paitients to use firm mattress such as pressed cotton mattress to limit and prevent back pain risk. But actually, it causes pressure on the shoulders, hips and upper back and this may lead to back pain.

On the other side, if you use too soft mattress such as rubber mattress, it may make your body subside, curve your spine, put a pressure on your shoulder, hip and your body always has to keep the balance. A mattress should be firm enough to be your best choice because it  maintains the natural curvature of the body during sleep, put the body in equilibrium in combination with pillows.

  1. Your current pathological state and appropriate mattress.

One way of assessing the quality of a best mattress is based on the pathological state of patients. For examples, to assess which mattress is good for a sciatica patient they have to study it based on injury causing level of the mattress.

Thus, the softer the mattress is, the curver your body is and your sciatica is damaged badly. So, the bestmattress for back pain patient or sciatica patient is a firmmattress (medium firm). In contrast, patient with Spinal stenosis disease should have a soft mattress because spinal would not put much pressure on spinal cord which causing pain.

How about a foam mattress?

A simple tip to compare two mattresses is comparing their foams. Usually, mattress with more foams will have more support for your body when lying (it does not relate to hardness). There are 3 basic foam mattresses. A larger mattress has more foams of course but now there are many types which have less foams with same quality. If you want to buy a double mattress, consider a mattress with rubber material rather than foam.

  1. Learn about the physical components of mattress.

The roll or foam inside foam mattress will support your back when lying. Different mattresses have different amount and arrangement of rolls and foam. Upper mattress insole has a different height depends on types. Mattress’ height normally from 18 to 45 centimeters. The decision of buying mattress with which height depends on buyer’s personal preferences.

Besides, a good mattress can support for spine’s curve. With a suitable support, back pain patient can avoid serious pain in the morning. Also, noticing your sleep positions during the night is quite important. We hope you can choose a best mattress for yourself and family!

Important Features In A Golf Rangefinder When You Have Numerous Tree In The Golf Field

If you are an amateur golf player and looking to take your game to the next level, then your coach and self-learning skills plays a significant role. Apart from this, a very major equipment which can take your game to the next level includes the golf rangefinder. There are two major types of golf rangefinders which are the GPS and the laser golf rangefinder. You can have a look on to their separate features for a better comprehension of all kinds of rangefinder or also can read golf rangefinder reviews to gain into a deeper insight into these gadgets. Both are good in their own specific ways and you have to find the right fit which choose your style of game. The laser rangefinders however, are preferred a lot for a number of their features. They need to have a line of sight to the target in order to calculate the distance. Line of sight means that the distance could only be calculated if there are no obstacles on the way and the background is also taken into consideration for taking the accurate readings. Trees are part of the game and part of the course which poses a great challenge for the player in order to take the shot with accuracy. This is where the golf rangefinder comes into play. It has several features which counters all such issues and assist you in taking a near to perfect shot.

Golfers working with GPS rangefinder on fairway.
Golfers working with GPS rangefinder on fairway.

Features in a golf rangefinder that you must have when there are lots of trees in the gaming area:

There is an endless list of critical features which all the amateur players must have in their measuring equipment. These features collectively help in the advancement of your game. Some of the best features that you must have in your equipment is those that counters the trees that serves as an obstacle on the golf field. In this regard, the following are the aim features that you must look for:

Inserting of the custom waypoints – This incredible feature helps you a great deal in a tackling the tree obstacles. You can tackle the trees by knowing their distance from where you are looking to take the shot. So, this feature helps you on calculating the distance to the custom points which could also be the slopes and hills, apart from trees.

Pin-seeker/Pin hunter technology – Different manufacturers have different names for this feature that distinguishes the hole-flag from the trees which are in the background. The other rigid devices lack accuracy in reading as they cannot clearly distinguish between the flag and the trees in the vicinity.

Information storing feature – The majority of the golfers play their game in the same course unless they are going for some tournament. If you are playing in the same course, so obviously the trees setting in the area would be same. So the information storing feature helps you save all the information about the golf course which includes the trees as well. This means that you don’t need to set up the device again and again for taking the same reading of the trees in the vicinity.
The features in the golf rangefinders for tackling the trees make it more usable. Therefore, it is highly advised to take a deep dive into the buying process of a golf rangefinder and be sure that it will assist you in handling the obstacles on the golf range field as well, including the trees.

All these features will help you locate obstructions, goals and possible shots in a very intelligent way that no matter how congested the view is, you can easily find your way out to pick the target’s direction and then make an accurate shot easily.